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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 5  ABC  September 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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said he robert stern tapped his fingers on the defense table as the judge read the jury's verdict. meanwhile april white, a waitress, who had become he had with her was not the life he wanted. he wanted her to pay. " kimberly as a lively, beautiful person. they say mentally, she was much like a small child rather than a young woman. april white told me today, she's
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verdict. she says kimberly can finally rest in peace. live in dubuque katie wiedemann kcrg tv9 news. a former iowa legislative clerk is going to prison for putting white powder into an envelope, and claiming it was deadly. today, a judge sentenced michael mcrae to 18 months in prison. mcrae pleaded guilty in december to writing a letter threatening to kill himself an state representative ako abdul- samad in 2012. mcra the white powered came in contact with mcrae and the representativ e he threatened to kill, abdul-samad. mcrae made people think the powder was some kind of biological weapon. iowa's unemployment rate is creeping up. 4 point 2 percent of iowans didn't have jobs in august. that translates to more than 72-thousand people in the state without employment. in july, it was 4 point 1
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percent. iowa's rising unemployment could impact the vote come election day. typically, rising unemployment rates are not a good sign for the incumbent party in a presidential election. other swing states-- pennsylvania and ohio-- also saw increases in unemployment. however, it fell in other swing states, like florida, north carolina, georgia, virginia and new hampshire. speaking of elections... anne holton made a cedar rapids stop, today. th virginia education secretary is married to hillary clinton's running mate, tim kaine. holton said finding out her husband had been tapped to potentially be the next vice president was overwhelming, at first. she also said kaine's family laughed when they heard pundits call the senator a "boring pick". " we all thought that was pretty funny. he's a well rounded person. got a great sense of humor. he's got lots of things that matter to him besides politics. from music, to camping to sports. we all thought it was
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clinton's health. find out if she thinks politicians should release their health records. let's turn now to meteorologist joe winters with your first alert forecast. joe, after some sunshine this afternoon, things are changing tonight. what can people expect on their ride home? fog will not be an issue tonight, but rain will. a bringing the best chance for showers and storms along and north of highway 20. a flash flood watch is in effect for this area through thursday evening where 2-3" of rain will be common. locally higher totals are certainly possible. drier weather heads in for friday and saturday with storms again possible late on sunday. have a great night!tonight: chance of storms, mainly north. wind: s 5-10. low: 67 tomorrow: partly cloudy with a chance of storms, mainly north. humid. wind: s
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a law officer says the father of a man suspected of bombings in new york and jew jersey is worried his son was a terrorist. the officer says mohammad rahami contacted the f-b-i following a expressing worries his son was involved in terrorist plans. however, he later retracted his comment, saying he meant his son was hanging out with the wrong crowd. the son, a 28-year-old, is the suspect behind a series of bombings over the weekend. police captured him yesterday after a shootout in new jersey. u-s officials say they found a notebook with extremist ramblings when then took the man into custody. singer neil young is joining the protest
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construction in iowa and three other states. the video for the song "indian givers" is posted on youtube. it features clips of the anti-pipeline protest. the lyrics talk about a "battle raging on the sacred land". it refers to the native american tribes protesting the pipeline. they claim the pipe will damage their territory. the 3 point 8 billion dollar pipeline would transfer crude oil from north dakota to illinois. three iowa casinos will are getting bou across the country. reno-based eldorado resorts agreed to buy isle of capri casinos in combined stocks and cash for one point seven billion. isle of capri operates the isle casinos in waterloo and bettendorf, and the lady luck casino in marquette. helping the homeless. organizers and volunteers here in eastern iowa say there's a growing need for safe spaces
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kcrg-tv nine's phil reed joins us now outside mission of hope in cedar rapids. phil, ...the non profit is looking to expand their services. mission of hope has been working since november to turn this home behind me into a women's only shelter. they say it will help fill a great need in the area. crews work to install electricity at the mission of hope's women shelter. couches, clothing, and buckets of cups await in rooms to serve those in need when they open be next door to their men's shelter on park court "for us to be able to provide women's shelter, allows them to have a safe place, so they can build upon whatever needs they have in their life. it could be clothing or job. or medical needs or mental health needs. " it will have up to 14 beds, and will serve women only. that will free up beds at shelters across the city for women with kids "accompanying women with children, is a long waiting list. it may be a long two months before women or women with
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cedar rapids shelter. " executive director joe polzin calls homelessness a growing problem in the area. but what worries him most is the people who don't want to use their services. "you have to be in by a certain time and there is just restrictions. we make it a very homey place, we have a meal at night, but i think there is some restrictions that people don't want to live under, and they choose to be homeless " the shelter's board of directors will meet next week to finalize an opening date. they are looking for volunteers to help paint the place. look for this story on our website kcrg dot com for ways to help out. live in cedar rapids, phil reed, kcrg-tv9 news a new muscular dystrophy drug that's undergone testing at the university of iowa is now on the market. it's giving hope to some parents with kids who
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is only offering false hope.
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fog will not be an issue tonight, but rain will. a warm front lifts to the north bringing the best chance for showers and storms along and north of highway 20. a flash flood watch is in effect for this area through thursday evening where 2-3" of rain will be common. locally higher totals are
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friday and saturday with storms again possible late on sunday. have a great night! tonight: chance of storms, mainly north. wind: s 5-10. low: 67 tomorrow: partly cloudy with a chance of storms, mainly north. humid. wind: s 5-15. high: 87 tom. night: chance of storms. wind: s 5-10. low: 67 thursday: chance of storms, mainly north. high: 85 low: 67 friday: mostly sunny. mostly sunny. high: 85 low: 64 sunday: storms late in the day, otherwise partly sunny. high: 79 low: 65 monday: mostly cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms. high: 74 low: 59 tuesday: partly cloudy. high: 69 low: 51 wednesday: partly cloudy. high:
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drivers assume certain risks when they get but iowa drivers are at greater risk of getting into one particular type of collision compared to most other people around the country.
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we're about to go to break. when we do, you might want to check your freezer. we'll tell you everything you need to know about a frozen waffle recall, next on your 24-hour news source,
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healthy choices at the grocery store? busy mom and blogger sarah jedd says she used to spend hours at the store, but she's made a discovery that has changed all that for her.sarah: my husband and i have a google doc that we both
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items to the list and then when it's time to grocery shop, we just log on the store's website, fill up the cart, select home delivery and sit back and wait for our groceries to come. it's amazingpam: it's not more expensive..sarah: for us it's been cheaper because we don't buy all the random impulse buys because we're just getting what's on our list.pam: and you're not dragging your kids to the grocery store.sarah: it's no fun to take four kids to the grocery store.pam: no. home delivery sounds great and lower cost sounds great too.sarah: it has been a lower things.sarah: i do. at m: awesome thank you so much. and we also have more ideas to make your life easier at momseveryday .com. university of iowa doctors are excited about a new drug that is giving hope to families of kids with muscular dystrophy. just yesterday the f-d-a approved the drug eteplirsen . the drug provides therapy to kids with duchenne muscular dystrophy, and may help increase protein in the muscles. kids with
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chairs at young ages and die in their 20's and 30's. the drug has been on trial at the university of iowa for months. one family says they can tell it's already helping their five year old son. "it's probably more stabilization that we're seeing with him, which is fantastic, so it's not as steep of a decline that we see. " the f-d-a has been heavily criticized for approving the new drug before doing more extensive clinical trials. some critics say they fear the drug could give families false hope. freezer. that's because kellogg has recalled 10- thousand cases of eggo nutri-grain whole wheat waffles in 25 states, including here in iowa. if your box of waffles says eggo nutri-grain whole wheat, 10 count box with a best by date of november 21 or 22 of next year, throw it out. those waffles could be contaminated with listeria. that can cause fatal infections in young children and older people,
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iowa's state forest nursery doesn't have enough walnuts. so it's buying the nuts from anyone who has fresh ones in good condition. the group has established four buying stations throughout the state. there's one at yellow river state forest in harpers ferry. the going rate is 2-50 a bushel. the iowa d-n-r says anyone with walnuts to sell should call before they drop off. new numbers show the odds of hitting a deer with your car here in iowa are much greater and some of the most dangerous months for deer-car collisions are just around the corner. stay with your 24-hour news source, kcrg-tv nine.
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but some new insurance statistics showing how high that risk is, might
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company state farm, that's the risk you have each year of hitting a deer on an iowa roadway and having to file an automotive claim. as you can see from this chart, that number puts iowa 4th in the nation. west virginia drivers are at the greatest risk at 1 in 41. as kcrg-tv nine's dave franzman reports, iowa drivers are also entering the months with the highest numbers of deer-car collisios is the time of greatest risk for a vehicle-deer collision in iowa. but somebody apparently forgot to tell the deer recently. "well, these were brought on friday and one today and i have another vehicle just dropped there's three within a week." the state farm statistics show the average auto-deer repair bill nationwide is just under four thousand dollars. but wulfekuhle says some accidents cost a lot more to fix. the estimate for this one,
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one in 68 is much higher odds than a typical lottery game...but this is one lottery you don't want to win. " you didn't feel lucky, though, no, no i felt very unlucky that day" iowa shares one thing in common with other states that lead the list. that's a large deer population. one iowa d-n-r specialist says the state's deer population probably peaked about 2006...and the goal for a few years after that the state issued more tags and loosened rules to reduce the numbers. now, the goal is a keep a stable, slightly smaller population. i several body shops say fall remains the peak time for deer accidents, but they're seeing too. "there doesn't seem to be a week that goes by that you don't write one or two deer hits and i'm not really sure exactly why" dave franzman, kcrg tv9 news. iowa ranked third in the state farm deer accident
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pennsylvania moved ahead in 2016. the crash rate involving deer in iowa is about twice the national average. now here's a look at what's coming up at 5:30 on abc's world news. world news tonight with david muir is next with the latest on the fbi investigation of the suspected new york city and new jersey bomber. new evidence recovered inside rahami's home providing new clues to the case. and hear the shocking claim from his father. coming up. recapping today's top stories,
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police chief of sexual harassment among other things. f-d-a approval. the food and drug administration gives the go to u-i researchers' muscular
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dubuque jurors this mo of first-degree murder in the death of his adult daughter. stern shot daughter kimberly stern 17 times last june. let's go back to joe now for a final look at tonight's forecast. fog will not be an issue tonight, but rain will. a warm front lifts to the north bringing the best chance for showers and storms along and north of highway 20. a flash
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tonight, breaking news. new surveillance of the bombing suspect, pulling a suitcase, carrying a backpack. authorities say, about to place the bombs in new york city and new jersey. and tonight here, we have now learned, the fbi is questioning someone else. his wife. becaus was he acting alone? and what his own father said about his own son before. also developing, tonight. the father of four, his suv breaks down, then shot dead by police. tonight, for the first time, the officer's defense. the deadly plane crash. the spy plane crashing down over america. flash point. the syrian refugees coming to the u.s. our year-long investigation. and tonight, donald trump's son comparing refugees to poisonous skittles, asking, would you take the chance? we got straight to amman to ask,


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